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What is Watchmemore?

Watchmemore is the platform created for models and other content creators who want to change their fans’ base or portfolio into net profit easy and fast.

How does it work?

Watchmemore works like any other social media platform e.g. Instagram or Facebook. You add posts, texts, pictures or films, you chat, answer comments etc., but there is one important difference...
You collect a fee for an access to your content and 75% of turnover is transferred into your bank account or Pay Pal every week.
Unlike the competitors we do not collect any hidden fee and it’s you who establish the subscription amount on your own.
You make money on:
- Subscriptions for the access to your posts and chat.
- Tips got from your fans
- Pay Per View galleries where you can place additionally paid content.
We are thriving platform and still add new functionalities so that list is getting longer.

No hidden fee?

No hidden fee. You get exactly 75% of everything you earn with Watchmemore.
We do not collect hidden fee for disbursement of funds or bank fee.

Do I need many Instagram followers to make money?

Not necessarily.
We have many examples of a accounts which do not direct traffic from social media but yet they bring proper income.
Social character of our platform is the reason that fans very willingly engage themselves in new profiles they didn’t know before.
But remember that traffic directed from your personal Instagram or Facebook account is always more efficient. Your hitherto fans know you already and more willingly buy a subscription to know you more.

What makes Watchmemore different?

Social character:

Thanks to that we can demonstrate much bigger engagement of fans than our competitors. Watchmemore is not the cataloque of pictures with chat but this is the sterling social platform where our users spend their time with pleasure.

You decide about the subscription:

Minimum amount is 10 PLN/month, but there is no maximum limit.

Your channel, your business:

You can publish what you want and when you want. We do not meddle with published content and their prices. We just give you an efficient tool but it’s you who decide how to use it and how much money you make with it, except of illegal content, of course.

Pay Per View galleries:

This is an excellent tool to generate additional income. Fans subscribe them very willingly to get an access to premium content.

Promotional posts:

Our main feed is constructed to expose the newest content and show them to all our visitors in the best way. Thanks to posts you mark as promotional ones (they are visible for all platform users) you significantly increase your range and chances for getting new fans.

How to start?

Only three easy steps:
1. Register in service.
2. Add an account you want to get money on.
3. Start to publish posts and invite your fans.

Is my personal data public?

No. Only your nick you can freely choose is public.
Any sensitive data is available only for Watchmemore employee who deals with billing with content creators.

What can I publish?

You can publish everything which is legal.
We do not censor and we do not impost themes of published posts.
There is one exception: promotional posts (visible for all users), profile pictures and album`s covers. Because this content is visible for unlogged users too please do not publish content which could be unsuitable for some users.

What is Pay Per View gallery?

You can create any quantity of Pay Per View galleries on your profile where you can place pictures and films.
They are paid additionally as a month subscription for every user, regardless of being your profile subscriber or not.

How to collect money?

Money is paid automatically every week.
Payments are added up always at night from Sunday to Monday.
Money transfers are realized up to three banking days from this moment, i.e every Wednesday at the latest.
Minimum amount is 100 PLN.

How to promote the profile?

The more you promote yourself the more income you get. And that’s the point! The most effective method for promoting your profile is to share it in your social media. For example you can share the link to your profile on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. You can also share pictures or link in the Story on your profile. Encourage your fans to visit Watchmemore to get access to more private and exclusive content. Publish promotional posts in Watchmemore – they are visible for all on the home page to let also new and unlogged users see your profile. Let them know you!

How much can I earn?

It depends only on you! You decide about the subscription amount (only your imagination can limit you if you have fans ready to pay any price)! The more you are active and visit your profile the more fans will appreciate that. Be regularly active and add your pictures and films, give fans your time and build a special bond with them. On the home page you can find a calculator to simulate your earnings.
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